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Save on coffee with 3% cashback

A Women Holding A Black Take Away Cup.

For some of us, a day without coffee is a day of misery where the sky seems grey and the wind feels colder. But things can be healed with a cup of elixir extracted from roasted magic beans called coffee. Today, we are presenting 3 local chain stores to get your coffee fix that Setel has enchanted for a seamless payment experience and dusted with 3% cashback.

1. Tealive

Put your hands up for this homegrown brand that is gracing their way to the top with over 1000 outlets nationwide! Although it is called ‘Tea’live, this brand has successfully captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts with their recently-viral Iced Caramel Macchiato. Apart from the macchiato, Tealive also serves other classic mixes like americano, mocha, and latte along with specialty coffee such as Black Diamond Coffee, Bang Bang Coffee, and Belgian Lotus Biscoff Coffee.

Just so you know, you can get your Tealive coffee fix without leaving your vehicle by using Deliver2Me at selected Tealive stores within PETRONAS petrol stations.

2. Café Mesra

Cafe Mesra With Setel
Source: Instagram @PETRONASbrands

More than just an extension to PETRONAS’ Kedai Mesra, Café Mesra is a down-to-earth, no-frills café that serves coffee-on-the-go with freshly baked pastries and savouries at affordable prices.

The café’s range of offerings includes barista-quality handcrafted coffee, featuring their signature Mesra Latte that promises a unique latte experience for coffee connoisseurs, as well as two new food concepts – Fusion and SayHeart.

Fusion is a selection of blended cuisine inspired by different people and cultures such as Nasi Goreng Mesra and Nasi Goreng Salsa. SayHeart features healthy yet tasty food for the health-conscious such as plant-based Ayam Masak Merah with cauliflower rice, and gluten-free plant-based burger.

The outlets are strategically located at selected PETRONAS stations, malls, and offices for greater convenience, with a maiden drive-through Café Mesra at PETRONAS USJ20 to cater to motorists on the go. Items from Café Mesra can also be purchased from the vehicle using Setel’s Deliver2Me feature.

3. OLDTOWN White Coffee

Oldtown White Coffee With Setel
Source: Instagram @oldtownwhitecoffee

Originating from Ipoh, Perak, OLDTOWN offers great taste and authenticity with their three-bean blend traditional Ipoh White Coffee. Each sip contains the sweetness and nutty aroma of the Arabica beans magnified by the strong, roasted flavours of Robusta which are then embellished by the rare Liberica beans.

Besides the traditional Ipoh White Coffee, OLDTOWN also has unique specialty coffee such as Coconut Candy White Coffee Latte and Black Sesame White Coffee. Pair these great beverages with mouth-watering dishes and snacks such as Crunchy Sugar Hainan Toast, Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun, or good ol’ Nasi Lemak.

OLDTOWN currently manages an extensive network of over 200 outlets across the nation while being exported to over 21 countries. Talk about local pride!

Satisfy your coffee cravings with Setel QR

Enjoy a good cup of coffee and a seamless payment experience with Setel QR at Tealive, Café Mesra, and OLDTOWN White Coffee. Just scan your Setel QR during payments. It is that simple.

Steps 1
Steps 2 1

Purchase coffee (and other stuff, of course) with Setel QR from now until 31 March 2024 to enjoy 3% cashback. Does it get any better than this?

Setel 3% cashback promotion visuals.

Have coffee delivered to your vehicle with Deliver2Me

Skip the queue for coffee with Setel’s Deliver2Me. Place your order through the app with a few taps. The coffee will be delivered to your vehicle. Available at selected stores within PETRONAS stations.

3 Steps 1 1
3 Steps 2

Anyway, our good friend Mesra is giving 3x Mesra points on Deliver2Me and Kedai Mesra purchases until 31 March 2024.

3x Mesra points with Setel promotion visuals.

Get a good cup of coffee, and a seamless payment experience, along with some cashback and extra Mesra points only with Setel. What a way to make your day.

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