Masthead 3% & 10%

Snack your way to the top with Deliver2Me and Kedai Mesra

Valid till 30 April 2024
3x Points Hero Xl

Why pay with Setel?

Payment made easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash, shop at millions of outlets nationwide via Setel with the magical touch of a finger.

Exciting rewards

Earn multiple Mesra Rewards points & convert them to your Setel Wallet balance.


Pay for your loved ones with the Family Wallet sharing feature.

Safe & secure

Protect your privacy with a 6-digit passcode, facial recognition, or fingerprint authentication for every transaction.

Present your Setel code to pay

Let the cashier scan your Setel code.

Homepage 3.0 Pay & Scan

Step 1

Launch Setel and tap ‘Pay’.


Step 2

Select your preferred
payment method.


Step 3

Present your Setel code to the cashier for scanning.

3x Points Step 4

Step 4

Payment #DahSetel! Enjoy your rewarding Mesra Rewards point!

Mesra Rewards points rewarded! Now what?

Upgrade your Membership Tier

Actively earn points to level up or maintain your membership level for the next month & enjoy multiple rewards.

Frame 289726
Frame 289726

Convert to Setel wallet

1 Mesra Rewards point equals 1 cent. Redeem your Mesra Rewards points as Setel Wallet balance & spend your wallet on your next purchase at any outlet, or pay for fuel, renew your road tax, & more!


Redeem your Mesra Rewards points today!

Homepage 3.0 Rewards

Step 1

Launch Setel and tap ‘Rewards’.


Step 2

Go to ‘Redeem points’.


Step 3

Slide the amount indicator or tap ‘Enter amount’. Proceed to ‘Redeem’.


Step 4

Done! Now you have more funds in your Setel Wallet.

Frequently asked questions

Setel users are eligible for up to 3x Mesra Rewards points reward for every RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra on any items, capped at 500 points per month for each active user.
The campaign runs from 1 January to 30 April 2024. However, Setel reserves the right to terminate, change, amend, or add on any terms and conditions to this promotion without any prior notice.
Payment can be made by displaying user’s unique Setel code for the cashier to scan, or scanning merchant’s Setel QR code displayed at the counter.
To be eligible to receive up to 3x Mesra Rewards points, users need to spend a minimum of RM1.
Once payment is made for the eligible purchases, 3x Mesra Rewards points for every RM1 spent will be automatically rewarded to the user’s digital Mesra Card in the Setel app and you will receive a notification to notify you of the reward. Go to Setel, tap “More”, and select “Mesra points history” for transaction records.
There is no limit for the 3x Mesra Rewards points throughout the campaign period. Multiple purchases at selected merchants can be made to be eligible for the reward until the points have reached 500 points per month.
If you’re experiencing difficulties, please reach out to Setel’s customer service for assistance. You can reach them via the contact information provided in the Setel app.
If you haven’t received your Mesra Rewards points within the expected timeframe, please contact Setel’s customer service. Remember to provide them with details about your transaction to facilitate the investigation process.

Yes, you can as long as you have a valid phone number and payment method. However, for Virtual Mesra Card Activation (points redemption) will require a valid IC Number. Therefore, for the Up to 3x Mesra Rewards Points campaign in particular, it is open to Malaysians only.

The 3x Mesra Rewards points cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts offered by Setel unless explicitly stated. However, the promotions are able to be combined with merchants’ in-store discounts if applicable.
No. However, any updates regarding this will be announced on our platform.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.