Product Disclosure Sheet

(Please read this Product Disclosure Sheet before you (“The User”) decide to sign up for a Setel account. Be sure to also read the general terms and conditions.)

 1. What is this product about?

Setel Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (“Setel”) is offering prepayment services via our electronic money application or electronic wallet namely, Setel Wallet. Customers can use Setel Wallet to pay for their fuel purchases at PETRONAS stations, payment for items sold in Kedai Mesra and other retail purchases from participating merchants at their physical or online store. 

Customers can download the Setel mobile application from the Apple Store, Google Play Store or HUAWEI App Gallery and register to become a user (“The User”) to enjoy the benefits such as not having to queue up at PETRONAS stations to refuel their vehicles, to purchasing items from Kedai Mesra conveniently from their car seats, as well as making purchases from participating merchants.

Customers can reload their Setel Wallet via; 

  1. Credit card: Top up using Visa or Mastercard;
  2. Debit card: Top up using debit card issued by domestic banking institutions;
  3. FPX: Top up using internet banking channel;
  4. Boost Wallet; online top-up using Boost Wallet;
  5. Setel Vouchers; or
  6. Mesra points.

Reload of the Setel Wallet can be automated using a credit card or debit card with the auto top-up feature. The cap on the reload is based on the threshold set or a one-off reload transaction limit.

Customers can also link their preferred credit and/or debit cards to their Setel Wallet for direct deduction and charging to their cards where they can skip the constant need to reload their Setel Wallet via CardTerus. Most importantly, customers can better manage and monitor their spending by referring to the payment history in the Setel application.

The maximum limit for reload of the Setel Wallet is: 

  1. RM500.00 (upon registration of an account); and
  2. RM5,000.00 (upon successful completion of the e-KYC process). 

The maximum daily spending limit of transactions allowed with the Setel Wallet is: 

  1. RM200.00 per transaction (excluding Setel Wallet reloads); and 
  2. RM2,000.00 max per day (excluding Setel Wallet reloads)

2. What are the fees and charges I have to pay?

  1. The Setel mobile application is downloadable for free from the Apple Store, Google Play Store or HUAWEI App Gallery.
  2. No reload fee, refund fee or other fees will be charged to customers.

3. What are the key terms of this product?

  1. Customers can use the Setel Wallet to pay for their fuel purchases at PETRONAS stations, payment for items sold in Kedai Mesra and other retail purchases from participating merchants at their physical or online store. 
  2. Customers can use the Setel Share feature once the Setel Wallet Owner has successfully undergone the eKYC process.
  3. The Setel Wallet Owner may then select up to two (2) Setel Share Members and he/she shall be responsible for his/her own selection of the Setel Share Members.
  4. Setel Share Owners can view and track their Members’ spending activities, limited only to the transactions made with the Owner’s Setel Wallet.
  5. The User must be eighteen (18) years old and above. If The User is below the age of eighteen (18) years, The User shall obtain The User’s parent or legal guardian’s consent prior to using the Setel application. The User’s parent or legal guardian shall be responsible for The User’s use of the Setel application and/or the services provided by Setel.
  6. The User is responsible for maintaining the security of The User’s log-in details, passcode, passwords and other information in relation to The User’s Setel Account. The User shall not share any personal details with any other parties.
  7. The User is responsible for all The User’s transactions made via the Setel application, including making regular checks on The User’s payment history regularly to ensure that The User’s account balance is correct and updated.
  8. The User’s Setel Account is personal to The User and therefore it shall be The User’s responsibility to ensure it is secure. Any instructions, confirmations and/or communications sent from The User’s account or device shall be deemed to have been issued by The User irrespective of whether the instructions, confirmations and/or communications were actually sent by The User.
  9. The User shall at all times ensure that The User has sufficient funds/balance to carry out any intended transaction through The User’s Setel Account.
  10. In the event of any fraud, misuse or abuse of account discovered to have occurred via the application, any remaining credit balance in The User’s Setel Account will be automatically forfeited upon deactivation of The User’s Setel Account and such credit balance shall not be refunded to The User.
  11. If any information provided by The User is untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, Setel has the right to immediately terminate The User’s Setel Account and refuse all current or future use of the Setel Wallet.
  12. To use the auto assistance service, The User is required to share his/her name, phone number and vehicle plate number with the relevant Merchant providing such services. Any changes or cancellation requests made after payment has been completed shall not be accepted.
  13. To use the Setel parking feature, The User is required to first complete a one-time setup to authorise and to add his/her vehicle plate number(s) on the Setel App. The user is also responsible to ensure he/she has sufficient balance in the Setel account prior to exiting the parking lot.
  14. To use the Setel street parking feature, The User is required to select the parking location and the parking duration with the respective parking fee reflected. No changes or cancellations permitted after the payment process has been completed.
  15. To purchase or renew motor insurance via the Setel App, The User shall ensure that he/she fulfils all renewal criteria as set by the respective insurer, i.e AXA and Etiqa.
  16. For road tax renewals via the Setel App, The User is responsible to ensure that the vehicle is strictly for personal use only. The User is only allowed to apply for the 12-month road tax renewal as Setel currently does not cater to the 6-month renewal validity period.
  17. For road tax renewals via the Setel App, The User is required to pay for delivery and service fee, which are excluded from the road tax fee. 

For more information on the terms and conditions, please refer to

4. What are the major risks?

  1. In the event that The User’s mobile device is stolen, The User is required to contact us at in a timely manner to enable us to temporarily suspend The User’s account from any fraudulent usage.
  2. Setel shall not be liable for any unauthorised usage prior to the date and time of receiving The User’s report.
  3. The User shall not expose or share The User’s password or OTP to a third party to avoid any fraudulent risks.
  4. Setel shall not be responsible for any wrongful selections, unauthorised use, losses, reversals, fees, claims, penalties or chargebacks, incurred by the Setel Wallet Owner and Setel Share Members.
  5. The User agrees and acknowledges that any transactions related to services provided by third-party merchants/partners/vendors shall be communicated to and dealt directly with the respective service provider. 
  6. Please refer to Setel’s terms and conditions for further information on our Refund Policy.

5. What do I need to do if there are changes to my contact details?

It is strongly recommended that The User updates their latest information and contact details in the Setel application or submit The User’s updated personal details to This is to ensure timely and accurate correspondence and communication.

6. Where can I get further information?

If The User has any enquiries, please contact us at or via our Live Chat on the app from Monday to Sunday 7.00am to 11. 00pm. More information is available on our website at


Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd,
Suite 11-01, Level 11,

Vertical Corporate Tower B,

Avenue 10, The Vertical,

Bangsar South City,

No 8, Jalan Kerinchi,

59200, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: Message us on WhatsApp at +60 18-988 1333 


7. Other e-money products available.

Currently, there are no other e-money products offered by Setel.

NOTE: The information provided in this Product Disclosure Sheet is issued as at 12th of December 2022 and will be valid until the next periodical review.