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3 quick tips for your balik kampung journey

As Hari Raya approaches, the big question emerges, “Balik kampung kat mana tahun ni?”

For many, this will be the time for singles, couples, and families to journey back to their hometowns, reuniting with loved ones to celebrate Syawal. However, the journey can be stressful, especially with traffic congestion and long travel times.

That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for you to balik kampung, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Tip 1: Plan your journey strategically


During the balik kampung season, traffic jams are par for the course. But here’s a little-known secret: consider hitting the road during Iftar. As many drivers make pit stops to break their fast, the highways tend to be less congested, offering you a smoother drive. Just remember to pack some food to break your fast while on the move, which brings us to our next tip…

Tip 2: Pack light snacks

Cafe Mesra

We recommend you pack some light and portable snacks so you won’t have to stop at an R&R for Iftar, saving you the time and stress of facing the throng of people. Stock up on bread, nuts, cereal bars, and refreshing drinks from Kedai Mesra before your journey so you’ll be well-prepared for the road ahead.

Tip 3: Make a pit stop at a PETRONAS station

While reaching your kampung may be a top priority, it’s crucial to rest and recharge along the way. Consider making pit stops at PETRONAS stations, where you can:

  • Refuel your vehicle
  • Take power naps to avoid micro-sleeping on the road
  • Pray at the convenient surau
  • Iftar on the go at Café Mesra

A legit cafe at a petrol station?? Coffee, pastries, kuih and complete meals all at one stop #CafeMesra #PETRONAS

♬ original sound – Ivor Xian Z ✨ – Ivor trying so u dont hve to

Located at selected PETRONAS stations, Café Mesra offers freshly baked pastries and savory treats, along with coffee-on-the-go, all at affordable prices. With Setel’s Deliver2Me feature, you can even purchase items from Café Mesra without leaving your vehicle.

Pay using Setel QR

Experience the convenience of Iftar on the go with Kedai Mesra and Café Mesra, made even better with a seamless payment process through Setel QR. Simply scan the Setel QR at the counter. It’s that easy.

Steps 1
Steps 2

And as a special Ramadan treat, earn 3x Mesra Rewards points for every RM1 spent at Kedai Mesra (valid until April 30, 2024).

Og 3x Mp 1200x630px Eng

But that’s not all. You’ll also get 1 Mesra Rewards point for every RM5 spent at Café Mesra (valid until April 30, 2024). More points for you!

Blog Article

Traveling during Ramadan doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the joy of breaking fast with loved ones. By following these simple tips for Iftar on the go, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – family, faith, and celebration. Selamat balik kampung!

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