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Conquer mall parking during Chinese New Year

Parking Lot

With Chinese New Year celebrations upon us, the Kuala Lumpur city centre promises exciting celebrations and vibrant festivities. If you’re planning to visit any shopping mall during these festivities, you might be figuring out which payment method is the best option for you.

We’ll walk you through the advantages and drawbacks of each payment method so you can decide which is the perfect option for you.

Cash payment

Parking Queue

The good old reliable method, cash is still accepted at most shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur. With a parking ticket, you can use cash to pay at the ticketing machine.  This method is simple and familiar, especially for the elderlies who might find it difficult to understand and manage cashless options such as bank cards or e-Wallets. Unlike cashless methods, you don’t need a specific app, account, or pre-registered vehicle for cash payments. It’s readily accessible to anyone.

However, cash is not always convenient, as you’ll need to have small change on hand to pay your parking ticket. Additionally, finding and queuing up at the ticketing machine can be time-consuming.

Contactless card

Contactless Card

Since Covid-19, digital parking payments have become more prominent and are now widely available at most shopping malls. The most readily available parking payment method is to tap your contactless card at the parking terminal upon entry and exit. This method offers convenience as you don’t need to queue up at the ticketing machine, thus saving your time and energy. 

Although rare, technical glitches with the reader or your card can occur, causing delays or frustration. Other than that, some parking operators charge a small fee for contactless payment, so you’ll need to be aware of any extra charges when you choose this payment method. 

Scan QR code

Scan Qr Code

Similar to contactless cards, QR code is a quick and easy payment method. With Setel, you can scan your Setel QR code to pay for parking at Alamanda Shopping Centre, Precinct 2, 3, 4, and 5. Payments will be recorded in your Payment History, making it easy for budgeting and claiming. It’s also eco-friendly as receipts are sent and accessible through the app.

However, scan QR code option has limited availability as it’s only available at selected locations. Make sure to check for Setel acceptance if you want to use this method. You should also keep in mind that this payment method requires a smartphone with working internet connection. This option is not ideal for those without smartphones or facing connectivity issues.

License Plate Recognition


License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a cutting-edge technology revolutionising parking by automating the entry and exit process. This is done by scanning your vehicle’s license plate number, allowing you to drive in and out without stopping – no cash, cards, or tickets required. With Setel, you only need to set up your vehicle once, and let us handle the rest.

However, LPR technology is still relatively new and not yet available at all parking locations. As of 9 February 2024, Setel’s automated parking is available at Suria KLCC, Kompleks Dayabumi, Permata Sapura (Lot 91), Neo Cyber, Tamarind Square, and other selected locations (with many more to come!). Similar to contactless card, LPR could also have technical issues which can lead to delays or errors at the boom gate.

From now until 31 March 2024, enjoy up to 50% cashback for your first 3 parking payments with Setel.

Og Parking 50 Cashback 1200x600px 1

Additionally, earn 3% cashback every time you park with Setel (valid until 29 February 2024).

Og 3 Cashback 1200x600px

But wait, we have more for you. Each time you pay for parking using Setel, you’ll also earn bonus entries to win exciting prizes through our Golden Rewards campaign. (Campaign period: 1-29 February 2024. Terms & conditions apply.)

Golden Rewards

So when you go out to any shopping mall for your Chinese New Year celebrations, you no longer have to worry about your parking payment options. Explore the diverse payment options available, from cash to LPR, and find the method that makes your parking experience seamless and convenient. 

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