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Just DuitNow with Setel

A more convenient, fast, and secured payment experience for business and personal accounts. Available at over 1.6 million stores nationwide.
Duitnow Hero Xl
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Secured transactions

Payments are authorised with a 6-digit passcode and biometric.

Available nationwide

Get access to over 1 million stores nationwide.

Instant fund transfer

Transfer funds to your loved ones with personal DuitNow QR.

Let’s get down to business with DuitNow QR

Shop effortlessly at over 1.6 million stores nationwide with business DuitNow QR.

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Skip the hassle with personal DuitNow QR

Pay to personal accounts without bank account numbers using personal DuitNow QR via Setel.

Scan2pay Personal Qr

Supporting all DuitNow QR providers

Scan and pay to any DuitNow QR, regardless of issuer.

Duitnow Issuer

Scan DuitNow QR and pay with Setel

Step 1

Step 1

Launch Setel and tap ‘Pay’.
Step 2

Step 2

Tap ‘Scan QR code’.
Step 3

Step 3

Scan DuitNow QR code.
Step 4

Step 4

Enter payment amount and tap ‘Pay’.
Step 5

Step 5


Understanding DuitNow QR with Setel

Duitnow Business Qr
Duitnow Business Qr S
Duitnow P2p Qr
Duitnow P2p Qr S

Business QR

Personal QR

DuitNow QR registration

Registered under business name (e.g. ABC Enterprise).
Registered under personal name (e.g. Ali bin Abu).

Accepted payment methods

Setel Wallet and CardTerus
CardTerus is temporarily unavailable
Setel Wallet only


Pay with credit card and debit card
Only for verified user
CardTerus is temporarily unavailable

Setel account verification

Not required

Cashback entitlement



Transfer restriction

No restriction
Funds from credit & debit cards, vouchers, government incentives, and Mesra points redemptions are non-transferable.

Find out whether your Setel Wallet balance is transferable and non-transferable

Step 3

Step 1

Scan the DuitNow personal QR code.
Step 2

Step 2

Tap on the payable amount.
Step 3

Step 3

Check out the details.

Need more info?​

Just head on to our Help Centre for more in-depth information about Setel.