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Introducing your upgraded Setel app homepage: One app, all vehicle needs

Hey friend! Just a heads up, as you’re scrolling through the Setel app, you might notice something pretty cool – we’ve given our homepage a fresh new look!

When Setel first started out in 2018, it was with the intent to disrupt fuel payments and solve customer pain points at petrol stations. Fast forward to today, Setel’s seamless fuel payment experience is enjoyed and loved by many.

Building upon that core customer experience, we have broadened our horizons in our mission to redefine mobility by continuously improving the Setel app. Whether its fuel, parking, motor takaful or insurance, road tax, EV charging, 24/7 auto assistance, in-store or online shopping, everything is housed in one mobile app — standing by as your reliable companion on the road.

And alongside this journey, it made sense for us to reimagine your experience in navigating the Setel app.

Looking back and learning

Along this journey of learning from our customers, and observing their on-ground behaviours, we learnt:

  • It works perfectly for fuel, but it’s not because of the map. The clear call-to-action button of “purchase fuel” and “pump numbers” (if you enabled one-tap fuelling) makes it real easy for fuel purchases.
  • We learnt that the map, whilst aesthetically pleasing, isn’t a must have. 
  • Mobility services placed under the map makes it less discoverable for customers to learn of our expanded services.
  • Customers love Mesra points, but would appreciate further guidance on how to redeem them.
  • Managing top-ups and changing payment methods to bank cards are not that clear.

Fueled by these insights, we see this as an opportunity to reimagine how the homepage can better serve you.

What’s new?

Setel New App Homepage

It should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 to manage all your vehicle needs. That’s why our clear, simple homepage design is built around the following guiding principles:

  • Setel is for your everyday vehicle needs: Shifting customer’s perspective of using Setel just for fuelling to embracing and being able to quickly access street parking, EV charging, or see at a glance the comprehensive suite of services designed for vehicle owner needs.
  • Functional and user-friendly at a glance: Drawing attention to frequently used features – your Setel Wallet or bank card, Mesra points, Scan to pay – without the need to scroll or deep navigation.
  • Familiar screen interface, easy to adapt: Offering a new yet familiar experience that eliminates the need to relearn how to use Setel.
Setel App Homepage Anatomy

New action bar for quick shortcuts

Action Bar 1

The newly redesigned homepage experience comes with an ‘action bar’ for quick access to frequently used features.

Here’s what’s new on the action bar:

  • Scan to pay: Swift access to Duitnow QR and Setel QR camera scanner.
  • Quick top-up and change payment method: An instinctive button for topping up your Setel Wallet or switching to a linked bank card.
  • Mesra points: Track earned points, activate Mesra Rewards, and redeem points into Setel Wallet funds.
  • Vehicle profiles: Setup your vehicle plate number for automated parking payments (at Suria KLCC, Alamanda Shopping Centre, KL Convention Centre, and more), or tell us you are driving an EV for the app to automatically switch to EV charging mode instead of fuel purchase.

More services for your everyday vehicle needs

Setel App More Features

With the map no longer being the most prominent part of the home page, we’re able to showcase more key services without needing to scroll deep into the screen. For you lovers of the map, not to worry, you can still access it by tapping on the “Fuel stations” tile. 

24/7 auto assistance services such as battery replacement, jump-start, tyre change, vehicle unlocking, and towing, now take a more prominent place, staying top-of-mind whenever you need them.

What’s next?

In the upcoming weeks, we’re enhancing the homepage to personalise and prioritise actions based on where you are at when using the app.

Soon, you can easily check if your current street parking location is Setel-enabled, empowering you to make parking payments swiftly. This will be alongside quick shortcuts to go to your nearest station to purchase fuel or EV charger to start charging.

Setel App Whats Next

It’s been a labour of love from our team to bring you this brand new Setel experience. 

We hope you love this new version as much as we do. As always, your feedback is welcome and we read every comment. So let us know what you think of this new update, and we’ll keep improving to help you get more from your everyday vehicle needs.

Update your Setel app now to start exploring!

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