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KUALA LUMPUR, 21st June 2023 – Setel wishes to express its appreciation to the Ministry of Finance for being appointed as one of the e-Wallet service providers for the eBeliaRahmah programme, in support of the Government’s effort to ease financial burden and promote cashless payments among youths.

From 26th June to 31st August 2023, Malaysian youths aged 18 to 20 or full-time Malaysian students enrolled at Malaysia’s higher education institutes (IPT) are eligible to claim the RM200 eBeliaRahmah one-off credit through the Setel app.

“Setel is honoured to support eBeliaRahmah programme, which is aligned with our purpose to foster a cashless society and promote safer and efficient financial transactions. Boasting an acceptance at more than 1.6 million retail stores nationwide and at Malaysia’s largest fuel retail network of over 1,000 PETRONAS stations nationwide, eligible claimants who apply for eBeliaRahmah through the Setel app can shop at retail stores displaying Setel and DuitNow QR code, and at any PETRONAS station. Setel hopes to support the youths’ financial well-being through our additional incentives and in turn contribute to drive economic growth for local businesses and support their transition towards cashless payments seamlessly.” said Mazlin Erawati Ab Manan, Chief Executive Officer of Setel.

“The announcement of Setel as an eBeliaRahmah e-Wallet service provider has sparked a remarkable level of engagement and encouragement from the public. Building upon the positive feedback, we are excited to unveil the additional benefits offered by Setel, perfectly aligned with the initiative’s core objective: to cater to the daily needs of young individuals while driving economic growth for local businesses.” said Mazlin Erawati Ab Manan, Chief Executive Officer of Setel.

Score up to RM105 additional cashback by spending across 1.6 million retail stores nationwide, over 1,000 PETRONAS stations, Cafe Mesra outlets, online purchases at PETRONAS Shop, and RM10 welcome promo for all newly registered users.

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