Go Digital with Cardless PETRONAS SmartPay

Manage your fleet’s refuelling needs efficiently with a digital fuel card that has all the benefits of PETRONAS’ network and the added convenience of a digital solution.
Petrona Prepaid Card (extended)


Pump One Tap Fuelling

Get RM100 fuel cashback


with a cumulative spend of RM500. Promotion ends on 15 Nov 2022.


Pump One Tap Fuelling

Get RM100​

fuel cashback


with a cumulative spend of RM500 within the first 30 days.

Pump One Tap Fuelling

Get RM100​ fuel cashback​*

with a cumulative spend of RM500 within the first 30 days.

What is cardless PETRONAS SmartPay

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Fuel card inside Setel app

Prepaid digital fuel card for SMEs who refuel up to 40,000 litres a month.

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Real-time tracking

Administrators can monitor all transactions and account balance in real-time in one dashboard. No more waiting for statements or claims processing.

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Cashless payment

Convenient top-up options via Setel with options such as FPX, credit/debit card and GrabPay with receipts emailed to you for convenient audit trail.


Malaysia’s widest network

Using Setel app, users can activate fuel pump and pay with digital fuel card at over 1000 PETRONAS stations.

Manage Spending

Efficient fleet management

Online reports offer info businesses can use for planning and to cut down inefficiencies to save cost.

Why switch to cardless PETRONAS SmartPay

A digital fuel card that helps SMEs to minimise fraud and paperwork, and earn savings.

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Real-time fraud control

Track and control all transactions in one dashboard; allows you to detect and freeze suspicious transactions in real time.

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Hassle-free digital solution

No more replacing damaged/ lost physical cards or waiting for new card, no more cards. Create all your fleet accounts all on one dashboard.

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Enjoy savings

No monthly/annual card charges.

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Seamless claims

Receive digital receipts for all transactions done via Setel for a more seamless claim process when needed.

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Less hassle of resetting pin number for cards if users forget their PIN as payments are securely authorised with Face ID/Touch ID (for iOS) or biometric authentication (for Android).

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All accounts will be linked to authorised device and phone number to reduce unauthorised use of your company’s fuel allowance.

How cardless PETRONAS SmartPay can work for your business

Seamless access for both admin and users.


Cardless PETRONAS SmartPay User

Please note that cardless PETRONAS SmartPay is currently available only for Prepaid Customers of maximum 40,000 litres of fuel per month.

Frequently asked questions

You may fill in the form below immediately to get started by clicking ‘Register Now’ or if you need more information, please fill in the contact form for us to get in contact with you and address any enquiries you may have.

Currently we offer Cardless SmartPay with the maximum of 40,000 litres of fuel a month.

You may add unlimited users as long as they have a Setel account registered. You may add them on your dashboard via the phone number registered on their Setel app.

You may set the limit on your dashboard once your application for Cardless SmartPay has been approved. This dashboard give you access to everything you need for your administration work including full control of all the Cardless SmartPay account.

There are no additional charges when you add new fleet users.

All fleet users will be required to download Setel app on their phone and register an account. Once they have a verified Setel account, the admin may link the SmartPay account to their phone number registered on the Setel app.

Cardless SmartPay can only be used to pay for fuel. 

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Please note that cardless PETRONAS SmartPay is currently available only for prepaid customers with maximum of 40,000 litres of fuel per month.