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Skip the queue at the counter & enjoy a seamless refuelling experience.

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Enjoy up to 10% fuel cashback* when you pay with qualified Credit Cards from participating banks.

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Shop from the safety of your vehicle with Deliver2Me, now available at 200+ PETRONAS stations.

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Setulus Kasih

Shop at a Siti Khadijah outlet with Setel and donate a telekung to someone in need this Ramadan-Raya from 3 April – 31 May 2022. Setel Pay is now available at 31 Siti Khadijah stores.

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Just install Setel apps after i lost my Mesra card last couple of days since no new card can be issue now and Petronas focus to shift their user to use Setel instead. Love how it help me refill fuel on my car without need to go counter to pay. Last time i am a bit skeptical why we should use mobile phone at fuel pump station which consider a dangerous act but Setel recommend to you to leave the phone inside the car during refuelling. Now i'm always looking when is my next fuel refilling session.

Meor Safuan

After using this app I never have to queue at the counter again. It is faster and safer this way. It took me less than 5 minutes to refill my car. You never have to choose a pump that is nearer to the counter. The best Petronas app ever.


Nice and really good apps. I think this app make my life more easier. No need to go to counter and just sit in a car like boss =) really appreciate and proud our national company do this for Malaysian. Thanks again Petronas for make my life better!!


Like a boss! Setel was an excellent apps with wonderful team of helpdesk. I have few issues regarding network during fuelling and their team contacted me to ensure that my transaction went smoothly.


A very good move Petronas! This concept is very well implemented at a place with good data reception area. Very easy to use and fast operation, can reduce contact points. Faster operation compared to inserting VISA card to the machine, just simply purchase the oil on your application, the process passed instantly, which then saved a lot of time. Lesser contact point, where you will be only touching your phone and the oil pump gun. Hence better hygiene for all. Looking forward for more nice idea from Petronas =D


Memang best pakai Setel mudah senang, tak perlu la pergi kaunter bayar, Just topup online bank je, malas turun beli makanan tunggu je dlm kereta, nanti staff Petronas yg hantarkan, I Love Setel


Seriously syok guna. Amat memudahkan kalau bawak anak tak perlu risau nak tinggal anak dlm kereta. Sebab kita dah tak perlu nak ke kaunter. Anak pon secured depan mata kita. Pilih minyak pakai phone then isi. Kalau ada tukang isi lagi best!


Very very very convenient - can do via app from inside your car, save time...go out, pump petrol and go (settle kan ???). Want to buy drinks, bread or megi order via app - mesra people always at your service (settle kan ???) Thank you.


I just purchased a food bank pack using Deliver2Me without even have to step of my vehicle. Once payment is complete, the krew PETRONAS will place your purchase at the Food Bank.