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Refuel & shop with Setel

Enjoy a seamless refuel & retail-on-the-go experience. #WeSetelForYou

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Pay for fuel from the comfort of your vehicle.

Skip the queue at the counter & enjoy a seamless refuelling experience.

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Cashless Payment

Pay with Setel at Kedai Mesra

Just scan to pay & earn your Mesra points automatically.

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Shop from your vehicle with Deliver2Me

No more hassle. We'll deliver your order to you while you refuel.


Don't need to top up. Just pay with your Credit #CardTerus.

Enjoy up to 10% fuel cashback* when you pay with qualified Credit Cards from participating banks.

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Euro Diesel 5

All diesel at PETRONAS stations are now Euro 5. Experience PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive — superior fuel economy & a smoother drive whether on or off the road.

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Pay with Setel

Setel is now accepted at more shops. Pay by scanning the merchant’s QR code & earn Mesra points with every transaction!

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Seriously syok guna. Amat memudahkan kalau bawak anak tak perlu risau nak tinggal anak dlm kereta. Sebab kita dah tak perlu nak ke kaunter. Anak pon secured depan mata kita. Pilih minyak pakai phone then isi. Kalau ada tukang isi lagi best!


Very very very convenient - can do via app from inside your car, save time...go out, pump petrol and go (settle kan ???). Want to buy drinks, bread or megi order via app - mesra people always at your service (settle kan ???) Thank you.


i just purchased a food bank pack using Deliver2Me without even have to step of my vehicle. Once payment is complete, the krew PETRONAS will place your purchase at the Food Bank.

Niema Izhar

Badass. While fueling a portable generator in the middle of the night (nearly all gas stations close by 8pm here), we also managed to help a dude who was pushing his bike. Thanks to this alternative payment app.


No need to spend time to walking and pay for the gas at the cashier. really convenient for the person who carry less cash like me.


Very usefull for rider when they run out of petrol at night and the petrol pump close early due to pandemic-19

Ainaa Ibrahim

sangat memudahkan terutamanya untuk women, either single and with kids in their car. I recommended to my friend and she said her life's changed everytime she wants to get fuel w her kids!! thank you for the amazing app

Qis Cantik

Started to have my own car this year and this apps has been my favourite. Since, I always drive alone (woman) and afraid to walk alone even to the counter hahah (especially at night during this pandemic), this apps really make my life much more easier and no need to walk sudah