Setel is now on Apple Watch

iOS users may now pay, pump & go on Apple Watch
(Series 2 and above).

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You can now pay for fuel with Setel on your Apple Watch! No set up needed.

Setel app will automatically be downloaded on your Apple Watch paired to your iOS device.

Quick tip

If you’re in a rush, you may tap on the suggested amount linked to a payment method for a quick refuel.

Apple Watch 7

Convenience integrated with your Apple Watch


Step 1

Start refuelling by tapping on Purchase Fuel.


Step 2

Select pump number.


Step 3

Select or insert fuel amount via voice or scribble input.


Step 4

Choose payment method and Pay.

Step 5

Step 5

Enter Setel Passcode and begin fuelling.

Do note that the top up feature is not available on the Apple Watch so if you have insufficient balance in your Setel Wallet, you may top up via the main app on your iOS device. Alternatively, you may skip the top up by enabling auto top-up or link your credit card to Setel via CardTerus for an even more seamless experience.

Setel Watch One Tap

One-tap fuelling, on your watch

Enable One-tap fuelling preference on Setel mobile app, and enjoy the feature on your watch. Just tap once on the pump number, and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ensure you have the latest Setel app installed on your iOS device. Users who have Apple Watch (Series 2 onwards) will have Setel’s Watch app automatically installed on their Apple Watch.

With Setel’s Watch app, users will be able to have a complete refuelling experience, just like in the main app. This is what you can do on the Setel app on your Apple Watch: 

  • Pay for fuel by Watch App 

Following cannot be done via Watch app:

  • Registering for a new Setel account
  • Top-up Setel Wallet
  • Adding new payment methods
  • Viewing payment history
  • Viewing fuel receipt after successful fuelling
  • Initiate Store purchase or Setel Pay
  • Initiate chat

Users need to use their main Setel iOS app to perform the above.

Please note that the iOS device (iPhone) will need to be in bluetooth range in order to access Setel on Apple Watch.

If users have issues connecting to the pump, or at any step during their refuelling, they may open their main iOS app to initiate chat support.

No. When User is refuelling with Watch app, main app reflects fuel progress screens as well. In a way, Watch app mirrors fuelling progress screens from the main app.

No. Users will not be able to cancel refuelling via Watch app. Users may however use the main iOS app to cancel refuelling until before pump is connected and activated. While fuelling is in progress, Users will not be able to cancel from main iOS app as well.

The Setel Watch can only be used for users that are using iPhones. A user who owns an Apple Watch but uses an Android mobile phone will not be able to download the Setel Watch as it is a companion app of the iOS version of the Setel app.

As per HSE guidelines, Setel app is safe to be used near the pump and thus our motorcyclists have been able to enjoy a seamless experience via the app so far. However we advise car or four wheel motorists to initiate fuelling via app from inside the vehicle and leave the phone in their vehicle and proceed to the pump. With Setel Watch app, the same guidelines apply, where Users can initiate fuelling via Watch app from inside their vehicle, leave their mobile phones in their vehicles (for 4 wheel vehicles) and walk to the pump for dispensing fuel.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.