700 Club Kv

Enjoy cash rewards and more with every badge you unlock!

BadgesChallengesSetel CreditBonus Cash RewardsTotal Reward
Unlocked SpecialistRefer 700 friendsRM3,500RM2,000RM5,500
Unlocked ExpertRefer 700 friendsRM3,500RM2,000RM5,500
Unlocked Gold StarRefer 700 friendsRM3,500RM2,000RM5,500

Contact Setel Customer Support via LiveChat within 14 days of unlocking each badge to arrange for reward fulfillment. *You will be asked to provide the necessary info for verification as part of the fulfillment process.

How to join

Phone Step 1

Step 1

Launch Setel and tap on Rewards.

Phone Step 2

Step 2

Tap on Badges and view all the challenges available.

Phone Step 3

Step 3

Start referring friends to unlock the badges and earn the cash rewards!

Here's how! Just get your friends to:

1. Icon Code


Register for Setel using your unique referral code.

4. Icon Rewards


Top up minimum of RM30, or…

3. Icon Fuel


… spend a minimum of RM30 on fuel or Deliver2Me purchases.

Spot Icon Hands


You and your successful referral (top-up or purchase of RM30) will receive RM5 each.

Want to score more referrals? Here, some tips to help you up your referrals!

Icon 1

Follow Setel on Facebook & Instagram for the latest news.

Group 2

Keep up with the newest features on the Setel App.

Group 3

Get Google Alerts on all things Setel / PETRONAS. Be ready to share your referral code in your social spaces when we make the news.

Frequently asked questions

This campaign is open to selected Setel application users holding Malaysian citizenship, aged eighteen (18) and above subject to the Terms and Conditions herein. The selected Setel Users are those who have referred more than 50 referrals from 1 January to 31 December 2021, and from 1 January to 31 March 2022.

The first badge from this campaign will be given to the selected Setel Users. To unlock it, he/she must share the unique Setel referral code with friends or family and get them to make an accumulated spend amount of min. RM30, across these three (3) transactions via the Setel App: 

  1. Top up Setel Wallet; and/or
  2. Purchase fuel; and/or
  3. Order & purchase items with Deliver2Me

Every successful referral will count towards your progress in unlocking a badge. 

If you are currently employed by Setel and/or tasked by PETRONAS to acquire new customers under any arrangement whatsoever, you are not eligible to participate in this campaign.

Setel Credit reward will be automatically credited into your Setel Wallet once you’ve successfully unlocked the badge.

To claim your Cash Reward, you will have to contact the Setel Customer Service within 14 working days from the day you’ve unlocked your Campaign badges. 

You will be required to provide a copy of your NRIC and personal details for verification purposes. You will also be required to complete and return a sign copy of a “Refer 700 Club Challenge” Reward Agreement within 30 working days of receiving the agreement.

Once verification is complete and you’ve submitted the signed “Refer 700 Club Challenge” Reward Agreement, your Cash Reward will be transferred into your bank account within 30 working days. 

Failure to comply with any of the requirements or meet the stipulated timelines will result in the forfeiture of the Cash Reward.


Yes, your friend must complete the required min. RM30 spend within the campaign period for you to be eligible for campaign-rewards under the “Refer 700 Club Challenge” campaign


Your friend can make combination of these three (3) transactions via the Setel App to qualify:

  1. Top up Setel Wallet; and/or
  2. Purchase fuel; and/or
  3. Order & purchase items with Deliver2Me


If your friend completes his/her RM30 worth of transactions via Setel App after the campaign period, you and your friend will only be eligible for the RM5 Setel Credit Reward under the Refer a Friend programme in the Setel app.

Unfortunately no.

Your friends must complete their Setel account registration with your unique referral code and top up and/or purchase an accumulated amount of min. RM30 with the Setel App for you to qualify.

You can read the full Terms and Conditions of this “Refer 700 Club Challenge” campaign here: https://www.setel.com/terms/refer-700-club-challenge

*By participating in this campaign, you agree to the campaign Terms and Conditions here.