Elevate your EV charging experience with Setel

Offering cashless payment methods and easy charging sessions handling through the app.

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Multiple charging providers

We partner up with a few EV charging providers for wider coverage and convenience. Just use Setel, even for different EV charging brands.

Multiple Network

Switch seamlessly between fueling and charging mode.

Selecting an EV vehicle will help you find the nearest compatible charger.

One Stop

Monitor charging status

Charge without worry as you can check the charging status in real-time through the app. Setel also allows you to stop sessions when needed.


Enjoy instant rewards

Unlock seasonal promo rewards, such as points or cashback, right after each transaction. The rewards can usually be easily utilised for future payments.

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How to charge an electric vehicle with Setel?

Homepage 3.0 Ev Charging

Step 1

Launch Setel and tap ‘EV charging’.


Step 2

Park vehicle next to the charger and tap on ‘Start charging’.


Step 3

Select a compatible charger and tap ‘Activate charger’.


Step 4

Monitor charging status and rate on the Setel app.


Step 5

Setel! Complete payment and get Mesra points.

How to switch into EV Charging mode

Homepage 3.0 Ev Charging Add Vehicle

Step 1

Tap the vehicle icon.

Homepage 3.0 Ev Add Vehicle

Step 2

Setup your EV profile by adding vehicle.

Homepage 3.0 Ev Vehicle Home

Step 3

Setel homepage will now show the nearest EV charger.

Homepage 3.0 Ev Switch Vehicle

Step 4

Change your vehicle to switch between charging & fuelling mode.


Get up to RM9* cashback when you register with code

“c-evc9” and top up a minimum of RM30.

Valid until 30th June 2023. Applicable for new users only.
Terms & conditions apply


Get up to RM9* cashback when you register with code “c-evc9” and top up a minimum of RM30.

Valid until 30th June 2023. Applicable for new users only. Terms & conditions apply

Group 14161

Get up to RM9* cashback when you register with code “c-evc9” and top up a minimum of RM30.

Valid until 30th June 2023. Applicable for new users only. Terms & conditions apply

Real-life Setel experience

It’s more convenient to use Setel for EV charging because I am already a customer to Setel. It’s like one app for me to use ICE car and EV. It’s as easy as like that.


EV Owner

I don’t need to open other app, it’s all in Setel. Let say I drive a plug in hybrid, today I fill up petrol at PETRONAS and tomorrow I go charge my car, so it would be an app to cover most of the cars.


EV Owner

With Setel, I can pay fast and conveniently. I really like to pay via Setel because I have already topped up in Setel for fuel, so whenever I encounter EV chargers with Setel, I will use.


EV Owner

What else can Setel do for you?

Frequently asked questions

Setel paves the way to inclusive mobility by providing a new EV (electric vehicle) charging feature. Setel EV users can now locate their preferred charging station as well as type of charger, activate the charger via the app from within their EVs, pay via Setel Wallet & earn Mesra points with every transaction.

1. Go to the Search icon located at the top left corner of the Setel app Home page.

2. Select EV chargers to locate charging stations near you.

3. Tap on Get Direction to drive there.

1. Upon arrival, select Start Charging to begin the process.

2. Select an available charger and tap on Activate Charger.

3. Once the charger is successfully connected, you may start charging after plugging in your cable into both charger and vehicle.

After you’ve charged your car to a desired level, you can stop charging by unlocking the connector from your car, car key or the charger. Remember to unplug the connector from your vehicle and the charger so that other users may use it. If you’ve brought along your own charger cable, do collect it back upon completion of charging.

PS: Kindly ensure that the charging session has stopped completely before unplugging the connector.

After you have connect & plug the cable from your vehicle to the charger, you will be able to view the charging status in the app.

These chargers are currently available on Setel:

1. Type 2 (7.4kW)

2. CCS (180kW)

3. CHAdeMO (50kW)

4. CCS (50kW)

5. Type 2 (50kW)

The power level indicates the maximum charging power the charger can deliver to the vehicle.

This feature is only available to Setel users. All you have to do is download the Setel app and register with code: c-evc9 to enjoy up to RM9* cashback today!

You are required to bring your own charging cable to plug into the charger for the locations with AC slow chargers — Type 2 (7.4kW and 22kW), which are available at Lotus’s Tesco Kepong and EV Connection Workshop in Petaling Jaya resepectively.

For the locations with DC fast chargers — CCS (180kW) at ACO HQ Johor Bahru and CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2(50kW), which are available at Carsome PJ Automall and Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort Penang, a charging cable will be provided at the charging station.

There is no minimum charging time required. Rates are based on the charging duration. 

There is no maximum charging time. As there would be other EV users who need to charge their vehicles, you can be considerate to others by parking your vehicle at the dedicated bay and disconnect your cable right after you’ve completed charging.


You will be able to locate the closest EV charging station to you. We are working continuously to enhance your experience where you can check on the availability of a charging station. Stay tuned to our social media channels or website for updates!

The charging rates as below:

1Lotus’s Tesco KepongType 2 (7.4kW)
2EV Connection WorkshopType 2 (22kW)
3ACO HQ Johor BahruCCS (180kW)
4Carsome PJ AutomallCHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 (50kW)
5Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort PenangCHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 (50kW)
6Pantai Hospital KLType 2 (22kW)
7Sembayu Villa Negeri SembilanType 2 (22kW)
8The Nizra BuildingCHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 (50kW)
9TJM Cars Kuantan CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 (60kW)
10UTP Kompleks Canselor Type 2 (22kW)
11PETRONAS Rasah CHAdeMO, CCS (17kW)
12PETRONAS KLS Arah Kuala Selangor (LATAR 1)CHAdeMO, CCS (15.5kW)
13PETRONAS KLS Arah Kuala LumpurCHAdeMO, CCS (12.5kW)
14PETRONAS Juru Layby Arah UtaraCCS (20kW)
15PETRONAS R&R Gunung SemanggolCCS (20kW)
16PETRONAS Gambang Arah TimurCSS (90kW)
17Setia City Convention Centre – Hall 1CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 (50kW)
18Setia City Convention Centre – Hall 1 Type 2 (11kW)
19Petronas Pedas Linggi Layby Arah UtaraCCS (180kW)
20Suria KLCCType 2 (11kW), CCS (60kW)
21Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Outdoor)Type 2 (11kW)

You can pay for EV charging on Setel by using your Setel Wallet. In the future, more payment methods will be made available.

You can earn 1 Mesra point for every RM5 transaction.

Yes, at the moment we are available at 5 pilot locations but we’re working hard to make this feature available at more locations. Stay tuned to our social media channels or app inbox for updates!

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Need more info?

Just head on to our Help Centre for more in-depth information about Setel.