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Terms and conditions

Send Parcel Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Send Parcel T&C”) are entered between Setel Express Sdn Bhd (Setel Express) and yourself once you have created a Shipment via Setel Express Send Parcel Web App.

By using and/or continuing to use our Send Parcel service, you agree and acknowledge that you comply with and be bound by the Send Parcel T&C. The Send Parcel T&C will be read together with our General Terms & Conditions (“General T&C”). Where the provision in the General T&C refers to “Merchant”, that term will be read as applicable to you and/or the Sender.

Where there is any conflict between our General T&C and the Send Parcel T&C, the terms of this Send Parcel T&C shall prevail.

We may from time-to-time update or revise the Send Parcel T&C without prior notice to you and you shall be bound to observe and comply with the prevailing Send Parcel T&C. Any updates will be made available to you at our website at


  • “Delivery Partner” shall refer to Setel Express’ driver who does Delivery Service for the pick up, drop-off, and/or return of Shipments.
  • “Delivery Service” shall refer to the delivery or logistics services provided by Setel Express, including but not limited to customs clearance, importation procedures, preparation and/or execution of any required paperwork for the purpose of this Send Parcel T&C.
  • ”Parties” shall refer to both Sender and Setel Express.
  • “PUDO” means pick up and drop-off, refers to any kind of designated area for either Receiver or Sender to respectively pick-up/receive and/or drop-off/handover Shipment.
  • “Receiver” shall refer to the end recipient who receives Shipment through Delivery Services provided by Setel Express.
  • “Sender” shall refer to you and/or any legal person using this Delivery Service including, its successors in title.
  • “Setel Express” shall refer to Setel Express Sdn Bhd, including its successors in title and permitted assigns who provides the Delivery Service to the Sender.
  • “Setel Express Send Parcel Web App” shall refer to the online software provided by Setel Express for the purpose of Delivery Service.
  • “Setel Express Customer Support” shall refer to Setel Express customer service channels made available at Setel Express website.
  • “Setel Express Hub” and “Setel Express Point” shall refer to Setel Express’ PUDO location with Send Parcel service.
  • “Setel Express Pack” shall refer to a prepaid poly mailer entitling the user to one (1) time use of Setel Express’ Delivery Service.
  • “Shipment” shall refer only to all documents and parcels created under one Shipping Label, including Setel Express Pack.
  • "Shipping Label" shall refer to any label produced by Setel Express to describe and identify the contents of a shipment.
  • “Working Day” shall refer to every day in a calendar week, except for Sunday, and statutory public holidays in Malaysia.
  • Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

Terms and conditions

Sender, upon handover of any Shipment to Setel Express for Delivery Service irrevocably agrees and acknowledges to the Send Parcel T&C, and on behalf of the Receiver and anyone else with an interest in the Shipment .

1. Services

Setel Express shall deliver the Shipment within four Working Days from the day the Sender drop-off Shipment at Setel Express Hub or Setel Express Point (D+4 Working Days) with no specific delivery time-slot. Shipment dropped off at Setel Express Hub or Setel ExpressPoint after 4pm shall be considered next day drop-off and require one (1) additional Working Day.

Receiver reserves the right to opt for doorstep delivery or self-collection from eligible Setel Express Hubs and Setel Express Points. The full list of Setel Express Hubs and Setel Express Points are made available at our website.

Coverage of Delivery Service provided shall only be limited to West Malaysia. The full list of postcodes for intrastate and interstate coverage can be referred to in our General T&C.

Setel Express shall make three (3) delivery attempts on Working Days before reaching out to Sender for further instruction as outlined under Clause 2 below.

2. Unsuccessful Delivery and Return

In the event of unsuccessful delivery, the Receiver shall receive an SMS notification with reference to the failed delivery attempt. Setel Express shall make a total of three (3) attempts before notifying the Sender for further instruction.

Sender shall be entitled to one (1) request to either:

  1. return the Shipment to selected Setel Express Hub without charge;
  2. to return the Shipment to Sender’s home at a charge (to be determined);
  3. to make another delivery attempt at a charge; or
  4. consent to Setel Express disposing the Shipment at Setel Express’ discretion.

Once the Shipment is returned to the selected Setel Express Hub outlined in Clause 2(i) above, Sender shall make collection within ten (10) Working Days. Failing which, Setel Express reserves the right to release, dispose, or sell the Shipment without incurring any liability to the Sender or anyone else.

Not withstanding the above, should Setel Express not receive any instruction from theSender in the event of unsuccessful delivery within 21 Working Days from the day Setel Express notified the Sender, the Sender is deemed to have given consent to Setel Express to release, dispose, or sell the Shipment without incurring any liability to the Sender or anyone else.

3. Address Correction and Re-routing

In the event Setel Express has reasonable belief that the Receiver’s information provided by the Sender is inaccurate or incomplete, Setel Express shall put the Shipment on hold to seek Sender’s further instruction.

Any changes to the Receiver’s address may incur additional fee to the Sender and Setel Express shall only proceed with Delivery Service upon receiving Sender’s agreement to proceed. Should Setel Express not receive any agreement from the Sender to proceed within 7 Working Days, the Shipment will be treated as an unsuccessful delivery per Clause2 above.

4. Return or Refund of Setel Express Pack

Setel Express Pack is eligible for exchange only in the event the QR code on the Setel Express Pack cannot be scanned. Otherwise, all Setel Express Pack sold shall be non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

5. Packaging Guidelines

All items shall be fitted properly into the Setel Express Pack without damaging the Setel Express Pack. You warrant that your Shipment has been properly and securely packed to prevent damage. Failing which, Setel Express reserves the right to reject offering Delivery Service for the Shipment and Setel Express shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the Shipment.

Shipment containing fragile items shall be labelled with a fragile sticker. You warrant that your Shipment has been properly and securely packed to prevent damage. Failing which, Setel Express shall not be liable for any damage of the Shipment.

6. Sender’s Obligation

The Sender shall ensure all Sender and Receiver information are accurately stated in Setel Express Send Parcel Web App.

The Sender shall be responsible to ensure Shipment is packed according to the Packaging Guidelines stated in clause 5.

The Sender shall ensure Shipment dropped off or handed over at any Setel Express Hub or Setel Express Point complies with the terms and conditions herein.

7. Loss or Damage Claims

In the event a Shipment is lost or damaged due to Setel Express' mishandling of the Shipment, Setel Express shall be liable for no more than the Shipment value or RM 200, whichever is lower.

Any claim due to loss or damage shall only be made by Sender or Sender’s representative with authorization from Sender. All claims shall be made to Setel Express Customer Support within fourteen (14) calendar days upon successful delivery, supported by proof of drop off and invoice of goods. Setel Express reserves the right to request for additional supporting document necessary to facilitate the claim process.

8. Prohibited Items

Items classified as dangerous goods and/or prohibited items under any relevant written laws, rules, regulations or guidelines by the relevant authorities in Malaysia shall be strictly prohibited.

The Sender hereby undertakes to not deliver anything containing any of the dangerous goods or prohibited items that have been outlined under the General T&C.

Setel Express reserves the right to refuse, reject or terminate Delivery Service at any time and at its sole discretion. In such event, Setel Express will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the Shipment.

9. Limitation of Liability

Setel Express’ liability is outlined under the General T&C.

Setel Express shall not be liable in any circumstances whatsoever for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage linked to the use or misuse of the Setel Express Pack.

Setel Express shall not be liable for any circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to damage of data due to magnetic effects of other shipments, any act by a person not employed or contracted with Setel Express, force majeure, or natural disasters.

The Sender shall be liable and indemnify and hold Setel Express free and harmless from and against all claims, losses, damages, costs (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis), expenses and liabilities arising out of (i) misuse or abuse of the Setel Express Pack sold hereunder, (ii) any unauthorized or unlawful use or distribution of the Setel ExpressPack sold hereunder, (iii) any unlawful acts or omissions by Senders, its officers, servants, agents or contractors, including any non-payment or other assessments relating to the transactions contemplated by this Delivery Service except in cases where Setel Express is proven to be negligent.

10. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

Parties hereby agree to attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of this arrangement amicably. Should parties fail to resolve the matter within 14 days of the dispute, either party shall have the right to refer the matter to the Court of Malaysia.

11. Compliance to Laws

The Sender warrants that the Sender complies with all applicable laws, by-laws, and regulations, local customs and practices in Malaysia.

The Sender further warrants that the Sender has read and complies with the Anti-Money Laundering, Ethics and Anti-Bribery, and Personal Data Protection provision outlined under the General T&C.

The Sender accepts and acknowledges that this Send Parcel T&C constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and us whether written, oral or implied with respect to the subject matter hereof, and it shall supersede all previous agreements, understanding or contract between you and us relating to the subject matter hereof.

12. Ownership of Parcels

Ownership, whether legal or beneficial, of parcels shall at no point in time be considered to have transferred over to Setel Express.

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