Setel Share your e-Wallet with two others

Allows you and two others to use your Setel Wallet to pay for fuel and items where Pay with Setel is accepted; earn Mesra points for every transaction in one Mesra card to pool your points.

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What Setel Share does

As an owner of a Setel Wallet, invite two others, known as members, to use your Setel Wallet.

1 wallet, 3 users.

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Muhammad Abdullah

Owner | Husband

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Sofia Johari

Member | Wife

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Aiman Mohd Abdullah

Member | Son

Once an invitation is accepted, a member becomes part of your Setel Share group and can select Setel Share as a payment method instead of their own Setel Wallet.
No more bank transfers, or passing cash and cards around!

What members can use Setel Share for

How Setel Share benefits you


No need to pass cash or card around.

1 wallet, 3 users

Pay for fuel or purchases at Kedai Mesra and participating merchants for up to 2 members.

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Setel owners can track transactions with real-time notifications and set a monthly transaction limit for a Setel member on the Setel app

Collect points

Setel owners can collect Mesra points in 1 Mesra card for all transactions via Setel Share.

How to set up Setel Share

Here, set up Setel Share group and invite two others to become members and use your Setel Wallet easily.

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Step 1

Go to More and tap on Setel Share.
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Step 2

Add members from your contact list.
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Step 3

Done! Your members can now pay with your Setel Wallet.
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Step 1

Tap on the push notification to accept the invitation to Setel Share.

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Step 2

Tap on Accept Invite in the app inbox.

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Step 3

Done! You can now pay with owner’s Setel Wallet by selecting Setel Share as your payment method.

Please ensure you have upgraded your Setel Account to enjoy higher wallet balance and spending limit. Find out more here.

Frequently asked questions

Before you set up a Setel Share group, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Setel Share is only available for Setel app versions 1.84 or higher; make sure you and your future Setel Share members have Setel app version 1.84 or higher.
  • As a Setel owner, you need to have an upgraded Setel Account before you can invite your members. To upgrade, verify your Setel Account using the e-KYC process here.


Now, you’re ready to invite members into your Setel Share group to use your Setel Wallet:

  1. Open Setel app, go to More, tap on Setel Share.
  2. Add up to two people from your contact list.
  3. Inform your Setel Share members that they will receive an invitation to join in the app and to accept it.

Yes it is because every transaction requires a PIN/biometric verification before proceeding. Owners can also track transactions with real-time notifications and set monthly transaction limits for Setel Members on the Setel app.

All of our business operations are regulated by the relevant e-money regulators and guidelines, which make it safe and secure for our customers.

If a Setel Share member chooses Setel Share as a payment method, he or she is using the Setel owner’s Setel Wallet; the Setel Share member’s own personal Setel Wallet is not affected by the transaction.

If the Setel owner’s Setel Wallet does not have sufficient balance, the Setel member can change the payment method back to his/ her own Setel Wallet.

You’re currently allowed to invite up to 2 members to join your Setel Share group. More members will be allowed in future updates.

Once a Setel Share member chooses Setel Share as a payment method, he or she can pay for fuel, items at Kedai Mesra and merchants that accept Pay with Setel.

All Mesra points earned through transactions under Setel Share will be assigned to the Setel Share owner’s Mesra Card.

No, all Mesra points earned through transactions under Setel Share will be assigned to the Setel Share owner’s Mesra Card.

Only the Setel Share owners can delete their Setel Share group.

No, users can only join one Setel Share group at a time.

Only the Setel Share group owner may remove members. If you’re a group member, you may ask the group owner to remove you or alternatively, you may send in a removal request via our customer support.

No, if you’re currently the owner of a Setel Share group, you will not be able to join another Setel Share group as a member.

Setel Share owners will only be able to invite existing Setel users to join their Setel Share group. For non-Setel users, they may download the Setel app to join a Setel Share group.

The Setel Share group owner will receive notifications for all transactions paid using Setel Share in real-time on the Setel app.

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