Stay Safe with Setel®

Your data safety is our priority. Here are some tips to keep your account safe on Setel®

Create a strong password

Set a strong password to keep your e-wallet safe. You should aim for a password with at least 8 characters, without space. Get creative with your password: think of a unique phrase and use the first letter of each word as your password. Try substituting numbers for some of the words or letters. For example, “I love to eat durian cake” could become 1L2eDnc8.

Keep your password private

Never share your password whether through phone, email or over the internet. After creating a strong password, write it down & store it in a safe place, in case you forget your password. If you do forget your password, you can easily reset your password securely. First, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link, then key in your mobile phone number. A 6-digit Setel Verification Code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Key in the number & reset a new password for your Setel account.

Avoid phishing emails

Don’t open files, click on links or download programmes sent by strangers. Opening a file from someone you don’t know could expose your system and mobile phone to virus or spyware that captures your passwords or other information that you type. Setel would never send you any requests for your password or personal information.

Enable Touch ID

Once you enable touch ID, all transactions over the app can only be authorized with your fingerprint or face ID. This helps to prevent unauthorized transactions should you lose your phone.