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Performance Marketing Manager

The Performance Marketing Manager is someone who is well versed in digital marketing funnels and is able to strategize, build, execute and optimize digital campaigns to acquire, grow and retain customers with the objective of optimizing the ROI.

In this role, you’ll have an opportunity to work closely with internal and external stakeholders to plan, execute & optimise organic and paid performance marketing for the brand. You should have experience in paid aids for social media, SEM, PPC, app marketing, with a keen eye for details and a critical thinking mindset.

In This Role You Will:
Plan, execute, monitor and optimise campaigns to acquire, grow and retain customers on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, app & email marketing platforms
• Acquire and grow leads, app installations and in-app transaction conversion rates
Cross and up-sell to customers
• Manage the full customer retainment cycle, from acquiring to converting users to active, loyal customers.
• Establish targeting strategies based on customer lifecycle segmentation & predictive analytics.
• Collect, segment and interpret data and use for campaigns
To track, monitor and deliver campaigns performance to ensure KPI & campaign objectives are met ie CAC (Customer acquisition cost)
• Generate reports and create reports for stakeholders
• Conduct research and analysis to generate reports
• Work closely with internal & external stakeholders to obtain customer insights with the objective of building relevant and effective campaigns
• Execute A/B testing based on hypothesis with the objective of improving campaigns to meet campaign objectives

You’re a great fit if you have:

Degree in Marketing/Mass Communications/Business Administration with minimum 3-4 years of working experience in digital performance marketing for e-commerce, fintech or tech industry
Knowledge in digital marketing funnels
Well versed in customer lifecycle segmentation and in building campaigns to suit customers at different parts of the lifecycle
Strong understanding with experience in setting up & executing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, major app, mobile & email marketing platforms
Keen sense for details with an analytical and critical thinking mindset
Ability to think creatively, highly driven and self-motivated
Strong written and verbal communications skills in English
Excellent presentation and speaking skills
Able to adapt and perform in a fast-moving environment

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