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Frequently asked questions

Setel Express

Q: What is Setel Express?

Setel Express is a logistics service provider that proudly sits under the Setel ecosystem and can be accessed via the Setel app. As a one-stop shop for e-commerce and logistics, Setel Express leverages the expansive network of PETRONAS stations to get your parcels delivered quickly and affordably.

Q: How will Logistika’s transition to Setel Express affect me?

The main changes include a name change from Logistika to Setel Express on your airway bills (AWB) and that we can now be found online under the name Setel Express. Apart from these changes, we ensure there will be no disruption to your current account and our delivery schedules. 

Q: Will the transition to Setel Express affect my contract with Logistika?

No, our rebranding exercise (from Logistika to Setel Express) will not affect your existing contract with us.  

Q: Will the transition to Setel Express affect pricing, service level agreement, etc.?

No, all details remain the same.

Onboarding with us

Q: What is the onboarding process?

  1. Register with us via our Sign up page
  2. Get onboarded within 2 working days with a dedicated account manager
  3. Start delivering your parcels!

Q: Once I've onboarded, how can I start delivering parcels?

Log in to Setel Express Customer Portal with credentials provided by your account manager.

  1. Create your shipment order and pick-up request
  2. Print the consignment notes for your parcels
  3. We collect and deliver for you!

Q: What if I require support during the onboarding process?

For more support, you may contact your account manager directly or reach out to us at

Preparing your parcel

Q: What is the maximum parcel size?

Maximum parcel size is 45cm + 45cm + 45cm per parcel.

Q: What is the maximum parcel weight?

Maximum parcel weight is 10kg.

Q: What if my parcel is less than 10kg but larger than the 45cm + 45cm + 45cm dimension?

Unfortunately, we only accept parcels that are a maximum weight of 10kg and maximum size of 45cm + 45cm + 45cm dimension. Anything beyond that will not be delivered.

Q: My parcel is damaged/lost.

For damaged/lost parcels, please contact us via

Q: Can I use handwritten consignment notes?

No, you are required to print the consignment note as part of scheduling your delivery.

Q: Are there packaging guidelines I must follow?

Yes, please refer to Packaging Guidelines.

Q: What items are prohibited from delivery?

Please refer to Prohibited Items List.

Delivering your parcel

Q: Where does Setel Express deliver to?

Setel Express delivers both interstate and intrastate within Peninsular Malaysia.

Q: What is the difference between interstate and intrastate delivery?

Interstate delivery includes delivery between states in Peninsular Malaysia while intrastate delivery includes delivery within the state. East Coast Malaysia is not currently covered under intrastate and interstate.

Q: Where are the Setel Express hubs located?

Setel Express hubs are located here.

Q: Can Setel Express collect my parcels from my doorstep?

Yes, doorstep pickup is available for deliveries of more than 5 parcels. For deliveries of 5 parcels or less, parcel collection will be from one of our hubs.

Q: How fast is delivery time?

We proudly observe a Service Level Agreement of as quick as next-day delivery for selected areas within intrastate and up to 4 days for interstate.

Q: Are delivery re-attempts conducted?

We will re-attempt a delivery twice and will be able to keep your parcels for 7 days pending further instruction.

Q: Where will my parcels be kept if re-attempts are unsuccessful?

The parcels will be kept safely at a Setel Express hub closest to your customer's home address while waiting for delivery re-attempts.

Q: What time will pick-up happen?

Our pick-up time is from 1 pm to 5 pm daily.

Q: What is the cut-off time for pick-up request?

Any pick up request created before 1 pm will be collected on the same day.

Q: Is there a maximum number of parcels per delivery?

We have no limits on the number of parcels per delivery.

Q: Are fulfillment services provided?

Unfortunately, we do not provide fulfillment services at the moment.

Q: Are poly mailers provided?

Yes, we provide flyers upon request.

Q: I have five parcels, can I just make one order?

Yes, but please note that you will be charged according to the number of parcels (5) and not the number of orders (1).

Q: How do I and my customer track the parcels?

There are multiple ways to check the status of your delivery:

  1. Via Setel Express's Dashboard Portal - key in the tracking number under the Search bar, and choose how you would like to search for your orders (by Shipment ID, Receiver Name, Reference Number or Receiver Phone Number)
  2. SMS texts - customers will receive at least three different types of SMS messages that contain a tracking link. Click on the link to know the status of the parcels. The messages are sent at these milestones:
  • Parcel has been collected from you (merchant)
  • Parcel is on its way to customer
  • Parcel has been delivered to customer

Q: Can my customers choose to self-pick up their parcel?

Yes, self pick- pick up is available for your customers at these hubs, with hub operation hours from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) from 9am to 6pm.

Q: Is my parcel insured?

Yes. Each parcel is ensured up to RM200. Terms & conditions apply.

Fees and rate charge

Q: Do I have to pay registration/deposit fees?

No, you only pay for the services used.

Q: How much is charged per parcel?

Please see the table below for intrastate and interstate charges. The rate charged will be based on actual weight or dimension (L+W+H), whichever is higher. Price excludes 6% SST.

Q: How do I pay for the service?

Invoices are issued on the first week of every month. Upon that, you will have 14 days to complete your payment transaction.

Are your questions still unanswered?

Please send us an e-mail at for further assistance.

Being part of the Setel mobile app platform, we aim to make everyday life simpler and better by innovating for better, inclusive mobility. Supported by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, we leverage on its expansive network of PETRONAS stations nationwide to provide customers with a seamless delivery experience at an affordable cost. All this in delighting customers with a seamless and customised retail-on-the-go experience.


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Setel Express Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as D-Two Couriers (M) Sdn. Bhd.), a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, a company registered in Malaysia with company number 199901009862 (484762-U)